Bar Art

Getting engaged has immediately made me focus on making our house look more like a real house and less like a bachelor pad. I have been focusing my decorating attention on our “bar area” and while I am not yet ready to unveil the entire area to you, I would like to share one little part of it: the artwork.

I had this blank chalkboard that I had made for my Crafted booth (using this amazing DIY chalkboard idea), that was sitting in the bar area, staring blankly at me, wanting to be full of some sort of drawing, or drinking quote, or something like that. So I took it upon myself to fill it up. First I looked up some inspiration:


1. Geometric Triangles Art Print by ColourscapePrints // 2. Geometric Quilt Print by AlmostSundayInc // 3. On the Grid Abstract Art Print by twoems

I started with a simple word, “CHEERS” to keep it simple and then got going with my design.

diy sign

I had a box of Crayola chalk on hand, so I just went to town using every single color. I’m not really picky about color.

After I was done with the design I used my fingers to blend in the chalk. And Voila! My very own, sign to make me happy as I sip cocktails.

DIY Chalk Art

An Image And A Quote

It's me, Mary

I have been wanting to take this picture for a long time. I think because I thought about it for so long, it only took 4 clicks of the shutter button to capture it. I wanted to share it here because I am a woman of few words and it pretty much sums up what It’s me, Mary is all about. I also want to share a quote that evokes inspiration, for all those people who want to go with their guts!
“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.”Rita Mae Brown