My DIY Wedding

I’d love to say that I DIYed my wedding all by myself, but really I owe everything to my mom and sister who took care of pretty much EVERYTHING! The only thing I did was kinda oversee the general look and feel of the wedding, which was way more than enough work for me!

We decided to do things very low-key as far as weddings go. These days things can get really ridiculous very fast! We wanted to avoid all that and have more of a casual gathering of friends and family.

Below are way too many pictures from the event. Enjoy!

Pantone Spring 2012

New Pantone Spring 2012 bracelets!

Pantone recently announced their colors for Spring 2012! These amazingly vibrant colors are what you will be seeing a lot more of in terms of fashion and style this upcoming season. Because of my excitement for spring to be here, I decided to make bracelets in these amazing new colors to share with you! They’ll be going up in my shop in the next few days. Enjoy!

Pantone Spring 2012


I came across some thicker embroidery floss while I was in France this past year. It took me awhile to figure out what to make with it, but while looking at many fashion blogs the idea was pretty much thrown in my face. Headbands!.. duh.

hippie headbands

So here they are! The thread I have is in limited quantities until I figure out where else I can get it. So because of that there will be no custom orders of headbands.. Sorry, but I love you!

Is It’s me Mary in your circle?

etsys's activity feed

Etsy has a new feature called Activity Feed. Think “Facebook News Feed” for Etsy. You can add etsy users (or sellers) to “your circle” and when they update their etsy page, whether that means posting a new item to their shop, or adding an item to their “favorites”, it will show up in your activity feed. To see all this new stuff just login to Etsy and navigate to There you will see your current Activity Feed plus links to see more of your circle, or other circles you are in. I have just added my etsy friends and users who have made purchases to my circle. Is It’s me Mary in your circle?