Hard work does pay off

I had an exceptionally busy weekend! After work on friday I had to get my brakes done on my car. My boyfriend picked me up and we went to my mom’s house to pickup items for my friend’s garage sale. We dropped them off at my friend’s house, then went to ikea to get my new itsmemary custom workstation… basically a modified expedit bookcase.

For the rest of the evening i put the bookshelf together but didn’t finish. Saturday morning we woke up at 6 and rode bikes to the garage sale. It was pretty tiring but worth the work. We made a few buckaroonies. Then I rode home and drove to home depot to get unfinished furniture legs for my workstation. I had to paint the legs and then screw them to the bottom of the expedit bookcase.

Then I finished building the rest of bookcase. I had to wait until my sister got home from work so she could help me stand it up. This morning I finished putting all the doors and drawers in and filled it full of all my supplies. Finally I have a place for all my stuff!

And Chester loves it too.