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Because it is so sunny and glorious outside I just wanted to take this opportunity to show you some of the brighter bracelets I have been making lately. Spring is here! You can see more of these in my shop. Also, keep in mind that my March Anniversary sale is in its final hours. Get them at a discount while you still can! Enter coupon code “HAPPYBIRTHDAY” at checkout to receive 20% off.

The Valentine Collection

Introducing the fleet of valentine bracelets, from my brain to your wrist! See them for sale in the SHOP!

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The Versatile, Sky Blue Bead

In my opinion, the sky blue bead is one of the most versatile beads that I have! Sure, the transparent silver, or transparent gold go with every color of thread, but the sky blue bead does too, and it adds a punch of color! Perfect for springtime coming up! Check out the single strand custom bracelet listing to see more bead options!


It’s Over!

Well, Christmas is over. It was quite a rush!! Thankfully my nieces and nephew loved the crocheted animals I made them!! Unfortunately I will NOT be making custom animals in my shop. They take way too long!! I will be sticking to beanies, scarves, headbands and bracelets for the time being. But before getting back into the swing of things I will be putting my shop on “vacation” for some much needed time off. Happy New Year everyone!


Making Christmas


Whoa!!! This has been one crazy holiday season, and the holidays haven’t even started yet! I had no idea what I was getting into selling on Etsy for the holidays. Non-stop crocheting, posting, wrapping, shipping. It was definitely a learning experience that I will never forget. I will be taking a “vacation” from Etsy in early January and have plans to do some re-organizing of my shop to make things easier for everyone. I want to thank everyone who purchased items from me for the holidays!! I hope everyone loves their handmade gifts. As you can see from the picture, I am also handmaking some of my own gifts. I bought this pattern off Etsy and decided to start making them about a month ago and I am just now getting them put together. These were way more work than I thought they’d be but they are going to be really cute when they are finished. I can’t wait to give them to the little ones!

Get ’em While They’re Haute

I just updated my shop with the last bracelets available to ship before xmas!!! Check them out. The last orders to ship before xmas should be placed by Monday, December 20th. Custom Orders should be placed no later than Monday, December 13th.

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The Laker Fan’s Girlfriend

Give the gift of good-luck to your girlfriend, and your favorite basketball team this year with this Laker-color bracelet. Ready to ship TODAY, in the shop.

Laker Bracelet

The time is now

Do you have a billion gifts to give this holiday season?? Yeah.. we all do! Why not get a bunch of those gifts out of the way easily and early and give the gift of It’s me Mary this Christmas. It’s me Mary bracelets can be custom ordered to fit your beau’s/friend’s/mom’s/sister’s/secret santa’s favorite colors. Take a look at whats already for sale in the Etsy Shop. There might be one there that you love! Get your holiday orders in early before its too late! I only have 13 elves working for me this year!

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